Meet the Vet behind Lucy’s Law Marc Abraham

Meet the Pet People Podcast with Marc Abraham Introducing Meet the Pet People Podcast with Angela Fagan talking with Marc Abraham, the Vet, Author and Campaigner behind Lucy’s Law – the story of the little dog who changed the world.

5 Scientific Reasons Why You Should Get a Pet for Your Teen

Want your child to have a more fulfilling adolescence? Then—Doctor’s orders—get them a furry friend, fast. Here’s why.  Every parent with a tween or teen child has had that moment when your child begs you to get a pet. You

The pros and cons of a raw food diet for dogs

An eminent zoo vet recently opened a raw feeding conference with these words: ‘Given the large body of evidence in the zoo world on feeding carnivores raw food, I’m very surprised we need to persuade the veterinary profession in the