5 Scientific Reasons Why You Should Get a Pet for Your Teen

Want your child to have a more fulfilling adolescence? Then—Doctor’s orders—get them a furry friend, fast. Here’s why. 

Every parent with a tween or teen child has had that moment when your child begs you to get a pet. You may have considered it, but now there are more reasons than ever to make that leap into pet ownership. In my experience, though we have a cat who is attached to me, I am seriously thinking about getting my 10-year-old a dog to give her an “emotional support” of her own. It turns out my timing is right.

“If you are thinking of getting your child a pet, the best time is that tween time, around 11-years old,” says Dr.Sheryl Ziegler, a Denver-based therapist specializing in anxiety and stress and author of Mommy Burnout. “The younger you get the pet before the massive challenges of being a tween, the better.”

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